Empowering teachers to become mindfulness experts in the classroom

Mindful Staff Training Program


In order to enthuse our students, it is vital that our educators understand the importance of, and fully embody, mindfulness in their own lives. Our students trust and learn from us teachers more than any other person in their school years, therefore we are the best people to facilitate the practice of mindfulness.


Mini Mindful Minds adapts their 3-part mindfulness staff training to cater to your school. Throughout this program, staff will become empowered to integrate mindfulness seamlessly into the classroom, and children will not want to go a day without it.


Module one

  • What is meditation?
  • What is mindfulness?
  • Why should we be here?
  • Why should we meditate?
  • Why should we introduce meditation into the classroom?


  • How to use Mindfulness for Minis
  • How to integrate mindfulness seamlessly into the daily schedule.
  • What time of the day and in what situation?


  • Let's Go!
  • Performed in the classroom, we model, experience and observe different meditation, mindfulness and yoga practices.






Each part runs for roughly ⅕-2 hours.

This can be done over a 3 week period, a set time per week OR this could be done in one solid block (allow for 6 hours total).

Complimentary PART of your choice, with the purchase of 10 ‘Mindfulness box for Minis’ or 20 ‘Deal with it! Mindfully’


Interested in intergrating Mindfulness into your classroom?