Sharing mindfulness tools and techniques for self exploration, and increased awareness, happiness and focus.

MMM Single Sessions

  • Fun, engaging, intentional and creative, combining mindful movement, props, imagination, acrobatics, teamwork, conversation, touch, exploring senses, relaxation, discussion and meditation

  • Offer a chance to develop more communicative relationships and a stronger sense of community

  • Enormous instigator of laughter and happiness

  • Not limited to children with certain skills and abilities as they can be adapted, utilised and enjoyed

  • Intended to better understand ourselves, increase self-awareness, self-love and connection.

45 - 90 minutes


MMM Workshops

  • Designed specific to the needs of the students (usually middle and high school aged students)

  • Neuroscientific focus of meditation and mindfulness

  • Exploration of inner self

  • Observing our reactions vs responses to situations

  • Tools and practices to overcome the anxieties and insecurities of adolescent life

1 - 4 hours







Single Sessions - $115

Single Sessions (5 Pack)- $450

Single Sessions (10 pack)- $800

Workshops- $150-450 

Interested in integrating Mindfulness into your classroom?