Facilitating parents in creating a more peaceful mind, body and home for them and their children

Mindfulness Parent Workshops

As parents, perhaps the most important thing we can give our children is the gift of our attention, full presence and support. This involves parents making space and being open to a mindfulness practice in their own lives, with the intention to facilitate this journey for their children.

Mini Mindful Minds offers custom workshops for parents. These can be hosted throughout a PTA meeting, set up at a school, or can be organized within the home. Throughout this workshop, we will talk the ins and outs of meditation and mindfulness and explore resources, tools and strategies to create a more mindful family and home.


Moms & Bubs Meditation, Mindfulness and Movement

Moms and Bubs learn how to meditate together, creating that special moment for one another, together. Learn to work with the inevitable distractions of your beautiful being, and begin creating a greater sense of calm, peace and mental clarity. These sessions are incredible when done in large groups of mothers/fathers and their babies. 


MMM House Visits

Having trouble setting up a more mindful routine at your home? Have trouble finding resolutions to common challenges of family life.

Mini Mindful Minds offers house visits in order to support mindful systems in the home. House visits include suggested resources, tool ands routines to integrate into the house, a family meditation and mindful discussion and more.



ALL COSTS: 115 p/h

Interested in intergrating Mindfulness into your home?