You are a really fantastic teacher, who isn’t just a teacher, to me you’re a special part of my life. You have taught me things I don’t know, understood the situations I have been in, and most importantly, you say we can talk to you when we need anything. You are a great person and teacher, and I know you are going to succeed in your dreams.

— Aamini, 8 years old

Meet the creator of Mini Mindful Minds, Charlotte Gibson. Charlotte has used her own life experiences and learnings to specialize in mindfulness, meditation and yoga for children. 

After successfully running a mindfulness business in Melbourne, Australia - Charlotte moved to New York, to take her dream global and share education resources and services with teachers, hospitals and families for a better way of life.

Charlotte designs mindfulness resources for homes and schools and has developed and delivered extensive staff trainings and student programs


Bachelor of Education @ Deakin University

Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher

Certified Kids & Family Yoga Teacher

Author of ‘Mindfulness for Minis’ & ‘Deal with it!.....Mindfully’

Certificate III Early Childhood Education